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About Us

About Us


SeAH Aerospace & Defense
has been producing
extruded/forged aluminum products
for the aerospace industry.
since the beginning of the 1970s
using cutting-edge aluminum
extrusion equipment and technology.
Our commitment to quality and service
is certified and recognized by
major overseas aircraft makers,
such as Bell Helicopter Textron,
Lockheed Martin, Cessna, Boeing McDonnell Douglas, KAI, and EMB.
SeAH Aerospace & Defense provides
extruded and forged products for
the aerospace industry using various
kinds of hard alloys.
The production range covers a wide variety of items such as small/intermediate/large extruded shapes, rods, bars and seamless tubes.


Since our designation as a special defense contractor by the government in 1973
SeAH Aerospace & Defense has contributed to the defense industry of Korea by producing various special aluminum.
Since 2008, we have provided total solutions
for machining/plating/painting aluminum alloys beyond extruded
high-strength aluminum alloy special steel(AIS14130/SUS, etc.), as well as with large-scale seamless tubing and high strength aluminum alloys specialized through SeAH’s technology.


SeAH Aerospace & Defense supplies world-class
extruded and forged aluminum products for the passenger car and light truck market,
Our product lines
include industrial shape materials, tubes (seamless), structural tubes & pipes,
rods & bars, and products to be forged and machined, particularly compressor wheels, drive shafts, heat exchanger tubes (flat and round), power train parts, brake/HVAC components, bumper system, and structural components.

Industrial Rod & Bar

SeAH Aerospace & Defense
ensures product consistency
(product uniformity)
by adopting special production processes designed to enhance your production and shops’ productivity.
We produce various types of extruded and forged aluminum products to meet customer demand for electrical/electronic parts, transportation equipment parts (railway, ship, etc.), and leisure products (tent poles,
ski poles, etc.).
SeAH Aerospace & Defense
always takes great pride in its products and leaves no stone unturned in constantly improving them for the better future of customers