More than 60 years of product development experience
Optimize alloy, heat treatment, extrusion design and process molding procedures and provide structural solutions at the lowest installation cos
Eco-friendly Management
We will continuously strive for the future of The planet by putting the environment first
Coexistence and Cooperation
As a company that grows together with the local community, we will create a warm world through various activities for marginalized
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Social Contribution

Social Contribution

  • Social Contribution Activities2020.07.07

    Based on in-company volunteer association, the company continue to support large-scale events in the community help our neighbors who are sick in the shades in order to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

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  • Science Talent Training Project2020.07.07

    We have been working on a project(Newton class, Pasteur class, 3D ing class) to cultivate science talents for young people in Changwon area for 3 years with the Changwon YMCA Changwon University Industry-University Cooperation Foundation, using the funds from the foundation of the headquarters.

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