More than 60 years of product development experience
Optimize alloy, heat treatment, extrusion design and process molding procedures and provide structural solutions at the lowest installation cos
Opportunity and Challenge
The opportunity to lead Korea’s Defense Industry is in SeAH A&D
Talent-oriented Management
We try to improve the quality of relationship between company and employees & maintain positive mindset
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Human Resources

Human Resources

SeAH People - SeAH’s creative and innovative employees will provide a solid foundation for the company And will lead the way for Korea’s industries.

A person with sense of rational upright values
This refers to those who make reasonable
Objective judgments and decisions that others accept.
A Creative and progressive person
This refers to those who actively make meaningful
new types of things that have new values and who work to bring these things about.
A person equipped with adaptability
and the ability to harmonize with others
This refers to those who can perform well no matter
what duties are assigned to them and who can
maintain smooth human relationships.